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Brisbane’s best Wedding Photography – The Historic Village – Petrie

I met Ty and Shaun in 2018 when they first started to plan their wedding. I fell in love with this couple from the moment I met them. Right from our initial meeting, both were relaxed and easygoing, as most couples I meet, they were seeking advise and direction in orgnaising their day around their images being taken.

Ty and Shaun had already decided on their venue (the Historic Village at Petrie). It wasn’t  hard to plan their images being taken having the ceremony and reception being all on location. The Historic Village offers a variety of secluded and lush scenery locations, prefect for any bridal photoshoot.

As their ceremony was planned late in the afternoon and given the time of year and lack of light we were  left with for their photoshoot. We decided to use the lack of light to our advantage and do something a little different other then the traditional bridal entrance. A walkway lit up of sparklers just set that scene and made their entrance into the reception just that bit more special. 

Being a motorbike fanatic. I tired to incorporate Shaun’s and his groomsmen’s bikes into their photoshoot. It was a lot of fun and very noisy I must say. 

Ty and Shaun’s reception was stunning, a perfect refection of their personalities (simple and sweet). I had a blast celebrating this day with this amazing couple. 

I wish you all the very best as you both begin your journey through life as husband and wife.






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