Director and Lead Photographer

Lead Photograher and wedding coordinator
  • Experience :
    Over 18 years

Joanne Mason – Director and founder of Brisbane Wedding Photography

Hi I’m Jo, glad you want to find out a bit myself and my team.

Ok where to start. I received my first camera at a young of 10, I remember thats all I wanted. It was then my journey and passion to what to be as photographer started.

It was in my teenage years that I decided to freelance and build my name as a reputable commercial photographer. I then went into other areas of photography such as events and family portraiture.

I married in 2001 and separated many years later. It was my passion not to give up on love that really drove me to want to shoot weddings. It is what keeps my spirt alive, embracing and capturing love through the eye of the camera. It reminds me that love does and will always exist. 

It is a real honor to be able to capture, listen and retell my clients deepest love and passion through my work. The stories and memories I have heard over the years have molded me into never underestimating that love is the most powerfullest thing anyone can give to another human. It is what we all urge for. Seeing it and capturing it is undesirable.  

I have handpicked my team based on this mutual passion we all share.

My team are trained passionate professionals, with years of experience in film, wedding and lifestyle photography. 

I have built Brisbane Wedding Photography from my true desire to be one of the most passionate, innovative and creative wedding and film creators in the industry. I hope myself and my team are able to have the opportunity to help create and deliver your special day. Hope o hear from you soon.