Director and Lead Photographer

Lead Photograher and wedding coordinator
  • Experience :
    Over 20 years

Joanne Mason – Director and founder of Brisbane Wedding Photography

Who am I and how did I found Brisbane Wedding Photography:

Professionally, I am a creative, innovative, and passionate wedding and lifestyle photographer.

Personally, I am a down-to-earth, typical busy mother of 3 boys. I enjoy holidaying and spending quality time with my family and friends. When I can get a quiet moment to myself, I enjoy the end of a hard-working week unwinding with a nice glass of wine.

To explain a bit about myself, my background, and passion for photography which lead me to create and build my business in 2013.

I received my first camera at the young age of 10 (some now 30+ yrs ago), I remember that’s all I wanted. I took thousands of images of anything and everything I could. I would print my favourite images, analyse and study them. I became my own critic. This drove me to want to experience the art and creativity of photography further.

When of was about 17 years old, I photographed my best friend’s 18th Birthday. Word of mouth spread and before I knew it, I was working in other areas of photography, photographing formals, small corporate events, and family portraits.

It was when I was about 21, I realised my true passion for Wedding and lifestyle photography. I find it a real honour to be able to capture, listen and retell my client’s deepest love and passion through my work.

Before I knew It, I had now started to develop relations with other industry professionals and vendors. In and around 2014, I started to create the direction of Brisbane Wedding and Lifestyle Photography. I refined my skills through study and in 2015 launched my website.

The business grew quite quickly and in 2018 I introduced film and photography packages. Of course when Covid hit, live streaming took and was structured into a package of its own. We now continue to utilise live stream across other avenues withing the business.

Photography has always been my true passion. Embracing and capturing memories through the eye of the camera is truly inspirational. The stories and memories I have heard over the years are truly amazing. The friendships I have made within the industry, and the bond I have developed with my clients has been humbling.  Hopefully, I have the opportunity to hear and help capture your love story as well.

I would be honoured to discuss my skills, background, and suitability with your further. Hope to hear from you soon.