Brisbane Wedding Photography – Kangaroo Point Riverlife

Annalise and Michael are one of the sweetest couples I have met. Their journey started in December of 2019. when Annalise and Michael were enjoying a drink at the races, Michael spotted Annalise out in the crowd. As Michael explains, he could not keep his eyes off Annalise. He followed her to the bar and plucked up the courage to say hello.

Annalise was taken by surprise at first and admitted, she also was secretary checking out Michael from a distance. The conversation took off, they exchanged numbers, and here they are today.

In 2020 Michael proposed to Annalise at the beautiful Kangaroo Point cliffs. In 2021 they married at the same place.

Surrounded by a hand full of immediate family, their ceremony and reception was carefree and simple. Despite the trials and tribulations of trying to plan a wedding around Covid, and not to mention on the morning of their ceremony another lockdown was announced putting even more pressure on the reception plans. There was not one thing that could stop this couple from enjoying and celebrating their day. I commend you both on your strength and ambition to be together. You are both truly one amazing couple.

I wish you all the very best through your journey together as husband and wife.