Wedding Photography Prices – How much should you pay

What are you really paying for?

While we all have budgets, couples really need to consider if they want to receive average or beautiful images. Every couple wants those fairy-tale images, but a legitimate professional photographer will not be the cheapest. Every couple should consider if they want to end up with average or beautiful images that you will love forever? Cheap is not always best.

Quite often, couples will approach us seeking advice and help on how they can correct their wedding images received from so studios claiming to be professional wedding photographers selling budget packages.

There are no second changes on recapturing a wedding day. Therefor it is so important not to just base your decision on cheap. Our blog on how to pick the right professional photographer will highlight all the questions you must ask so you can ensure you are booking a professional wedding photographer. 

How to tell the difference between a professional photographer and a studio hobbyist.

A small studio or hobbyist photographer won’t charge a lot for their packages, this is generally because they don’t have the overheads as a professional photographer who runs a legitimate wedding photography studio.

Most professional wedding photographers in Brisbane will offer packages to suit all budgets. Brisbane Wedding Photography offer smaller packages for simple weddings and larger packages to suit couples who want to go all out, wanting a full day of coverage. You can check out our packages here.

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