What you must know

Did you that you do not need a qualification to claim yourself as a professional photographer? That’s right! So how do you know your booking a professional wedding photographer and not just a rookie.

Sadly it is quite common we receive phone calls from couples devastated as their photographer has pulled out of their wedding, most likely because they got a bigger and better paying client to service. 

To avoid disappointment, the following are some must questions every couple should ask their photographer.

Qualifications and years of experience. 

This is a must to know. The more experience a photographer has is generally a good sign that their business is reputable.  

Back up photographers

For reason outside your photographers control they cannot make it to your wedding. A Professional photography company will always have another professional photographer able to take over if need be. We offer the option with all our packages to book a second photographer, even if it’s just to cover a portion of the day.

Back up media and equipment

Things can happen to equipment. It is paramount that you know your photographer can still operate if technical failure occurs. All our photographers carry back up media such as SD cards, batteries, flashes, lenses, and camera bodies.

Hidden fees, charges and refunds

Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for so you don’t get stung with extra fees or charges. Always as the question is there any other fees I can expect to pay. Very importantly, always check to see if refunds are offered as you never know especially living in Covid times that your wedding might have to be postponed or cancelled. 

A professional photographer will always issue you with a contract to sign. This is your assurance you know exactly what your paying for and its your security your photographer is bound to show up on the day. Our contracts explain in detail exactly what your paying such as travel or permits etc. We always offer refunds on our packages due to unforeseen circumstances and will always try to accommodate another booking date if need be. 

Check out their google reviews.

Google reviews are a great way to find out what past clients think about the services they received. We have some fantastic google reviews and testimonials listed her on our website. 

Ask to see their insurance.

Ask to see your photographers insurance. No professional photographer will operate unless they are covered. 

Most of all you have to feel like you gel with your photographer. Are they friendly, personable, organised and efficient.

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